The Beautiful City of Kandy, Sri Lanka

Tour to Kandy

Sri Lanka has much to offer, especially regarding tourism industry and especially if you’re going to Kandy. Let’s start from the beginning. As many of you certainly know, the city of Kandy is best known for this famous Temple of Buddha’s Tooth called locally as Sri Dalada Maligawe.

Indeed the temple is the most precious treasure in the whole country. In the temple you can see the most important relic in Sri Lanka – the holy tooth of Buddha. The temple was built in XVI century and is a real must-visit while visiting the country. Additionally you should see at least a few medieval treasures while sightseeing the island.

They include The Royal Botnical Gardens and The Elephant’s Fountain. But that’s not it. If you’re heading for Kandy, you just must visit The Royal Castle as well as all of the buildings constituting the whole great royal complex. The complex consists of a few beautiful catolique churches as well as Buddhist and Hindu temples. Right next to the royal complex you can see The National Museum which is a real flagship of this amazing city.

Not only can you find there exhibits from 17th, 18th and 19th century but also showpieces from The Archeological Museum. Moreover, we can take you to the finest observation deck where you will have a chance to see the local seasoning plantations extending throughout the city’s outskirts. The best time for a visit in this fabulous place is August.

Then you can participate in The Parahera Festival called by local people – Esala Parahera. They say The Parahera Festival is the finest happening of this kind all over the country of Sri Lanka.

Often it is considered to be the greatest event on whole Asia! The whole event is an impressive celebration with procession in memory of Buddha. The happening takes place during the full moon. The procession goes through the city’s narrow streets and it’s really huge undertaking! The colourful crowd consists of dancers, elephants and many different freeky dreesed animals and actors! One of the fabulous elephants carries on his back The Holy Casket with The Holy Tooth of Buddha inside.

Our tour to Kandy includes all of the places above and it takes one full day.

The Tour Includes

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  • drop off back tou the hotel
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The Beautiful City of Kandy, Sri Lanka
The Beautiful City of Kandy, Sri Lanka